Confused about carbs…

carbohydrates explainedI thought I’d share a question from one of my twitter followers with you.  It’s something I’m asked about all the time…

“I exercise in evening & don’t fancy sweet potato that late, my partner says if I don’t eat any carbs at all, my body will store the protein as fat instead. Could this happen? I don’t miss them.”

The chances of excess protein contributing to body fat being stored are insignificant and unlikely unless either your protein intake or your caloric intake or both, are extreme.

If you prefer to body swerve any type of starchy carbohydrate (grains, potatoes, legumes) in the evening that is absolutely not a problem – you don’t need them and if you are looking to lose weight, your waistline will thank you.

Just make sure you have plenty of vegetables alongside your protein – vegetables are carbohydrates but other than roots, contain only traces of starch but provide excellent levels of fibre, vitamins, minerals and protective plant chemicals.