What’s the Right Diet for You?

I love a bit of science and whilst there were certain aspects of this week’s 3 night Horizon extravaganza on which diet might suit you that had me shouting at the TV (more on that later), I take my hat off to the participants, most of whom gave everything they possibly could to not only try to understand why they had an issue with food but also stuck like glue to the recommended diets which is not easy.

Needless to say I LOVED the fact that many learned to love soup for fat loss!

Parsley Soup with Chicken Nuggets
Parsley Soup with Chicken Nuggets


I am not convinced that the nutritional guru gave sufficient explanation regarding why supping soup can help you lose weight – why didn’t they invite me you ask!

So let me add the bits she missed out – the combination of fluid and solids in a soup is digested differently to the same solid food eaten with the same amount of fluid alongside and keeps the stomach wall stretched for up to one and a half hours longer keeping you feeling fuller for longer plus studies show that you consume less calories in a meal when you have a bowl of soup as a starter.

If you want to know more about the wonders of soup for fat loss, head to my soup website, www.souperydupery.com