Protein-Enriched Foods. You Cannot Be Serious!

Earlier this year, I spotted a press release entitled “Nearly Half of US Consumers Buy Protein-Enriched Foods and Are Willing to Pay More for These Foods” which I pitched straight into my ‘you have got to be having a laugh’ folder. To be honest, I imagined it was merely a ‘pitch’ paid for by those who are punting protein-enriched foods for profit, but no!

protein enriched foods


It appears to have been picked up big time and all manner of foods are destined for protein enrichment. Apparently, as the diet-conscious become evermore-aware of the importance of including decent levels of protein in their day to keep blood sugar levels balanced, aid repair and regeneration of vital body parts and functions and encourage a bit of acceleration on the fat burning front, it is vital that we stock the cupboards with foods that satisfy our need for starch and sugar whilst also providing a protein-hit. First it was cereals and breads but bagels and frozen foods are next, I am led to believe.

So what’s wrong with natural and recognised sources of protein, I have to ask? A few nuts or seeds and a dollop of yoghurt on your morning cereal, chicken soup or a tuna salad for lunch, a fillet of grilled fish for dinner and perhaps a 3 Bean or Lentil Salad or a crispbread with ham and cheese as a mid morning or mid afternoon snack? Generally-speaking, that’s your protein requirements dealt with for the day. Once we start including protein-enriched breads, cereals and all sorts, there is a strong chance that we could OD on protein and that takes us into a whole new set of possible health-disruptive scenarios.

Humour me if you would be so kind, eat and love foods that have a respectably short shelf life simply because they are ‘as nature intended’ and steer clear of anything that demands a higher price because it has been ‘enriched’!