New research from Australia suggests crash-dieting is more effective than gradual weight loss. My view is sticking to a diet is where many dieters come unstuck. To succeed, a diet must address the single most recorded reason dieters give up which, contrary to popular belief is NOT lack of willpower or discipline, it’s hunger!

Most of us can shed weight in a week and see the needle on the scales move satisfyingly to the left if we are truly focussed but if we want to look in the mirror and like what we see not only tomorrow but the next day and every day after that until we reach our goal, we need both the mental and physical energy to stay positive and that’s a really hard shout if you’re hungry, grumpy, tired and possibly short of nutrients.

Equally important; we have to really enjoy the foods involved in a diet, be able to fit the shopping, preparation and cooking into a probably-busy lifestyle AND see results fast.

Despite the negatives ‘quick fix’ diets attract, it appears that dieters are way more likely to ‘stick with the programme’ when they actually ‘see and feel’ the evidence daily (looser waistbands, clearer skin, better sleep, more energy etc.)

Read more about the research carried out in Australia.

Crash-dieting - Telegraph