Snacking for Victory at The Ryder Cup

If you are lucky enough to have ‘bagged’ a ticket to The Ryder Cup at Gleneagles, Scotland this week you are likely to see the team players having regular snacks whilst on the course and for good reason – from start to finish, including practice time can mean six or seven hours without food!

Nut, seed and dried fruit mixes (or ‘Trail Mixes’ as they are known in the US) are understandably popular as a top quality combo provides an excellent balance of energy-enhancing carbohydrates, muscle-protecting protein and brain-boosting fats.

ryder cup


Rory McIlroy’s new favourites are a cracking idea from an Irish company called Wyldsson. Their 5 different mixes come in hard plastic tubes and you can buy large bags of your favourites and simply top them up – inspired – no more cashews, chia seeds and raisins lurking amongst the golf tees coz the bag broke!