Alcohol Tips Vol.2: How to choose your booze

There’s always an excuse for a party or a few drinks with friends and I’m not one to play the party pooper. We all know booze doesn’t do much for the waistline or our health in large amounts, but if you choose carefully you can still enjoy a tipple or two. Here’s a few more tips that continue on from last week…Alcohol Tips from Fiona Kirk

TIP 6. Quality counts
Aim for good quality wine or champagne, spirits ‘on the rocks’ or with natural unsweetened fruit juice.

TIP 7. Choose your cocktails carefully
Cocktails can be dangerous and often high in sugar, but if you stick to ‘Breezes’, ’Martinis’, ‘Sours’, ‘Manhattans’, ‘Screwdrivers’, ‘Punches’ and ‘Pimms’ (no sugar added, just the sweetness from the fruit), you shouldn’t get into too much trouble!

TIP 8. Protein protection
I am a big fan of a delicious ‘Bloody Mary’ or ‘Bloody Caesar’ on heydays and holidays. Alongside a protein-rich brunch of scrambled or poached eggs on dark brown toast with a couple of rashers of grilled, lean bacon or smoked salmon it packs a protective and nutritious punch.

TIP 9. My wine tricks
It’s a favourite trick, but mix white wine with soda water to make it last twice as long and half the calories. If you can’t bear to dilute it, opt for a dry white or red wine as these contain fewer calories than sweeter wines.

TIP 10. Celebrate with bubbles
Follow in the footsteps of celebrities and enjoy a glass of bubbly. In general you drink less as it’s served in smaller glasses and the bubbles help fill you up.

I have even more tips up my sleeve, I’ll be adding them to my blog shortly or you can read them on my facebook page.