Alcohol Tips: Healthy respect for your favourite poison!

Summer holidays and weekends at home entertaining friends and family or simply enjoying time in the late summer sunshine often means alcohol is involved and it’s all to easy to over-imbibe. Whilst booze helps events go with a swing, it doesn’t do much for the waistline or our health when downed in copious amounts. However, it’s not all doom and gloom if you choose carefully and practice a bit of healthy respect for your favourite poison!alcohol1

TIP 1: Don’t forget food!
Alcohol raises your blood sugar very quickly, so always have a protein-rich snack before or with a drink – a couple of oatcakes with nut butter, a small pot of live natural yoghurt and a piece of fruit, a chicken leg, a cold boiled egg, some crunchy baby vegetables with a small pot of hummus or a bowl of protein-rich soup.

TIP 2: Rehydrate
For every drink you have, have a large glass of water. Yes, you will have to ‘head to the toilets’ fairly regularly but you will seriously cut down on the amount of alcohol you consume AND try to have a few glasses of water before bed to help rehydrate and ensure you feel ok the next morning.

TIP 3: Buddy-up
Alcohol increases the appetite, lessens resolve and removes inhibitions so try to make sure you have a semi-sensible buddy/partner around to keep you on track!

TIP 4: Go Flat.
Avoid ‘fizzy mixers’ where possible – they are full of sugar and even the ‘diet’ alternatives increase your desire for more of that ‘sugar hit’ and consequently more alcohol.

TIP 5: What to avoid
Avoid ‘lite’ beers, ‘alcopops’ and ready mixed spirit-based cocktails – sugar, sugar and yet more sugar!

There are lots more tips to come, I’ll be adding them to my blog shortly or you can read them on my facebook page.