Who’s Kidding Who?

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) wants overweight people sent (yes, sent!) to slimming classes to encourage an all-new small weight loss approach to improving health and fighting the obesity crisis in the UK! Call me a cynic but as a certain sporting great said on more than one occasion, “you cannot be serious!” What are they planning to do? Line us up, get the weighing scales and tape measure out and if we don’t ‘fit the brief’, march us off to boot camp?

Scare tactics, rebukes and government directives haven’t worked so it seems it’s time for the ‘weight control police’ to move in. I think not. They are also at pains to point out that quick fix diets don’t work; slow and steady is the ONLY route to long term success but in my experience a well-designed and nutritious quickie-style diet when followed for a couple of weeks results in many feeling lighter and more energetic with looser waistbands AND a determination to continue with some of the new eating and exercising habits learned along the way. We live in a fast world so it’s only natural to want to see fast results. Sure, some dieters enjoy and reap the benefits of joining a slimming club (that’s their choice), others prefer to ‘go it alone’ or work with a ‘diet buddy’ – what’s with this misguided notion that we need big brother to make our diet decisions for us? We are unlikely to make a U-turn when we are embarrassed or bullied into action, we need encouragement, workable advice and a bit of TLC.

And another thing! We are yet to discover how much of the taxpayers hard-earned cash they plan to throw at this new strategy but it won’t be buttons, you can be sure of that….