Michael Mosley Fast Diet (5:2 Diet)

In My Opinion…

Anyone who has read any of my books knows I have been a fan of intermittent fasting for years and it makes me smile (sorry, laugh out loud!) that here we are at January 2013 and it is being flagged up by the media as somehow being ‘news’ and a hitherto un-tapped route to successful long-term fat loss! Animal studies indicating the health benefits of this type of diet started appearing in the 1980’s, human studies followed when I was studying nutritional therapy back in the 1990’s and if I remember rightly, I first started scribbling about it as the new millennium hit. But hey ho, it’s way too easy to be cynical! The scaremongers don’t like it much, their argument being that it encourages disordered eating patterns and you can’t expect to nourish your body properly on a daily basis when you adopt a pattern where you seriously restrict calories for two or three days a week – what rubbish! If you stick with seriously low calorie diets for days/weeks on end your body will certainly start to struggle, turn down the metabolic fire so you burn calories more slowly and store fat wherever possible to keep you thriving BUT if your diet is currently a bit of a road accident and you are carrying excess flab it will say a mighty big ‘thank you’ if you give it a break every few days and allow it to focus on badgering your fat stores into giving up their energy stores and shrinking in the process. Professional athletes have been doing it for years successfully – trust me, it is NOT news! If you want to know more, email me.


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