2 Weeks in the Super Fast Lane

Looking for a super fast diet that works, deals with hunger and cravings and doesn’t make you miserable? You’ve just found it!

2 Weeks in the Super Fast Lane focuses on my exciting new seesaw strategy where carbs are not the enemy, buttery mashed potatoes and chocolate are on the ‘must have’ list and there is no calorie counting (super busy people simply don’t have time!)

If you have left it horribly late, an event or holiday is looming and you need to shed fat in super quick time you can see great results in just 4 days or if you are struggling to undo the damage after a spell of super-indulgence, you can follow it for 2 weeks and look forward to loving what you see in the mirror!

The eBook (£2.99/€3.73/$5.08) is available worldwide through Kindle, iBooks, Kobo and Nook and the paperback (£5.99/€7.46/$10.18) is available through amazon.

And if you have time, keep up to speed with my regular blog posts, subscribe to my newsletters, join me on facebook or follow me on twitter and let’s keep my diet and yours healthy, fat busting, delicious and exciting!

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  1. Hi Sam. You can swap meals and snacks around dependent on your tastes and your timetable but try to keep it varied and not too repetitive so ‘diet boredom’ doesn’t set in!

  2. Can you change the meals and snacks around over the 7 day plan or do you have to stick to the set meal

  3. Hi Lisa. There are vegetarian recipes and alternatives in all my diets but I would not describe any of them as being the best diets for vegetarians – there are many, many other writers who have spent a lot more time than me on vegetarian nutrition so I would recommend you follow one of them. I am an advocate of the important role animal protein plays in our diet so I am probably not the nutritionist for you on this occasion. Sorry!

  4. Hello Fiona, I also heard you talking on Radio 2 yesterday and really likes the sound of the ’2 weeks in the fast lane’ plan, it sounds very similar to what I try and do anyway but with probably more food, which is great. I just wondered before I buy the book if it is suitable for vegetarians? I also try and avoid most animal products so tend to get protein from nuts, seeds, quinoa, quorn etc I also have some almond ‘milk’ (unsweetend) in smoothies or tea. Would this book be the best one for me to try? Thank you very much for your help.

  5. Hi Gary. I think all my invaluable tips and tricks to keep you nourished, keep hunger at bay, quash sugar cravings and make fat loss faster on my ’2 Weeks in the Fast Lane’ diet are included in the book but one piece of advice that many dieters seem to like to ignore rather too often is ‘put the bathroom scales in a very, very dark cupboard and only bring them out once a week!’ What you want to lose is FAT, not WEIGHT! Looking in the mirror and liking what you see – a leaner, meaner frame over the days and weeks – is a great deal more satisfying than watching a little needle waver from left to right! Good luck, keep me posted on progress.

  6. Heard on Chris’s R2 show this morning. I go hol in 3wks & could do with trim beforehand. Going to give 2 Weeks in the Fast Lane a go. Any added tips?

  7. Hi Ash. No probs – the ’2 Weeks in the Fast Lane’ diet which I was recommending to Chris Evans has plenty of options that don’t involve fish/shellfish. So sorry you can’t eat them – that would be a ‘killer’ for me!

  8. Hi i heard you on Rad 2 this morning and was wondering will the diet be ok for people with fish / seafood allergies?

  9. The first few days of my diets generally see a loss of retained water in the body, hence the pleasing results – keep it up! Homemade soups are always best as you know exactly what’s going into them. Packet soups are invariably packed with a bit too much sugar and salt not to mention all sorts of ingredients you can’t even pronounce! Okay for the odd occasion when time is really tight but best to try and make a couple of batches when you get a spare hour (!!) and refrigerate/freeze in portions then you are ‘good to go’. Keep me posted…

  10. How is it possible that after only day 1 (and after having a diet ice cream at midnight) I woke up with a flatter belly, feeling lighter, with tighter skin and deflated feet? Is it hte antioxidants? I am honestly surprised! Question: are slim-a-soups ok for the office or should I make a bowl of home made stuff to take with? I am holding back my enthousiasm as I think this plan might actually be something I can incorporate into my 12-hour working schedule +twins…..(without starving my man to death)….

  11. Hi Sarah. I am delighted you are enjoying the diet, keep me posted on progress and thanks for your very enthusiastic and encouraging comments!

  12. I have been following this diet properly since returning from holiday last week, and I am actually really enjoying it!! I really loved the pepper and sweet potato soup, and the spinach and watercress soup – really easy and threw all the ingredients into a soup maker and they taste delicious. I have found it easy to stick to the fruit only before noon. Have cut out milk. The foods are so healthy, but tasty. I am not craving for food or hungry at all. Hoping to see results very soon. Thank you for this Fiona.

  13. Yes, mix the snacks around as per the recommendations to keep it interesting and I usually work on 1 cup (190g) of uncooked grains.

  14. Thanks Fiona, also do you think its best to mix up the snacks a bit? I have been having nuts for my morning snack each day this week but wondering if I should have a swap around? Also, can you confirm that when you say ’1 cup’ of brown rice that that is approx 200g uk measurements ( cooked weight ) Thanks a lot!


  15. Hi Jana. Glad it is all going well and you are enjoying the diet (most important!) It is absolutely fine to swap vegetable protein products such as Quorn for meat in all my dishes – let me know how they go…

  16. Hi Fiona,
    Just starting to get into the ‘Super fast’ diet. Can I swap meat based proteins for Quorn? I’m not veggie but do try to have a veggie day once or twice a week. I know you use Tofu but my other half won’t touch it and I don’t fancy cooking two completely different meals.
    On the whole, loving the diet keeps me full and is quite easy to fit into my working day.

  17. Hi Kate. Looks good but perhaps lose the cheese tonight as you had cheese with lunch and make sure the salad rather than the potato wedges dominate. Hope this helps…

  18. Hi Fiona, I have purchased the 2 weeks in the fast lane plan and I just wonder if you could check out my plan for the day to make sure I have the hang of this? Morning ( up until 11.30am, I had a homemade smoothie, and a packet of fresh fruit, 2 glasses of water and 1 coffee with a dash of skimmed milk. Snack- a 50g packet of unsalted cashew nuts, Lunch- homemade pea lettuce and mint soup and a salad which included turkey ham and mozzarella. And tonight I plan to have a chicken breast wrapped in bacon with a bit of cheese, large salad and some sweet potato wedges ( I will be doing exercise in the evening ) Does this sound ok? I will have the other mid afternoon snack if I need to.. Thanks in advance! Kate

  19. Hi I was wondering why you don’t allow milk in tea? I usually only add a small splash of skimmed milk.

  20. Hi Sarah. The only exceptions to the ‘no snacking’ rule is fruit (on its own) no less than one hour before or three hours after a meal and your daily chocolate ‘fix’, should you need it (see the section in the book on chocolate for recommendations). Nut and seed butters are spreadables that are made from grinding nuts and seeds to a paste and come in a range of different varieties (almond, peanut, cashew, hazelnut, pumpkin etc). You will find a selection in the ‘speciality’ section of most big supermarkets. Hope this helps. Fiona

  21. Hi, I have just bought the book and read it over the last couple of days. Plan to start tomorrow. Can we snack on walnuts and almonds? If yes how many? Also, what are nut butters? Thank you.

  22. Hi Emma. Only fruit for breakfast is fine as long as you feel it will keep you sufficiently nourished for 5 hours until your next meal – experiment and see how it goes, you don’t want to struggle with an energy dip mid morning!

  23. Hi,
    Quick question about fruit, I know I can’t mix it and I can have as a snack but
    Can I have fruit for breakfast while on the super fast lane ?
    Looking forward to giving this a go
    Many thanks

  24. Hi Kerry. You certainly can – check the suggestions under the section ‘IF YOU HAVEN’T PLANNED AHEAD AND HAVE TO BE OUT AND ABOUT’ for lots of alternatives when cooking time is short.

  25. Hi Fiona,

    Just bought your book and about to start tomorrow. On non starch days, can I just have a piece of chicken warm with veg? Simple things like that? As well as your recipes?


  26. Hi Lauren. Re chocolate, follow the recommendation from the book ‘Have a mini bar or around 10 squares from a bigger bar. Some find it easier to buy mini bars as putting the rest of a big bar back in the fridge for tomorrow requires a bit of discipline and doesn’t always happen!’ and re alcohol, best avoided for the duration of the diet – generally a bit sugar-rich and prompts a bout of ‘the munchies’ which you want to avoid at all costs!

  27. Just read 2 weeks in the super fast lane and looking forward to starting. Just want to check portion size of chocolate, is it best to stick to 1 square and also should alcohol be completely avoided?
    Thank you!

  28. Hi Katherine. You should have vegetables and/or a salad with every meal (or at least 2) – see under the heading ‘Vegetables on the Side’ in the ‘Recipes (every day)’ section of the book. Plus, with regard to your type 1 diabetes condition, unless you have agreement from your health practitioner that fruit is ok eaten on its own, I would recommend you have a handful of fresh nuts and/or seeds alongside to keep your blood sugar levels steady. Hope this helps.

  29. Hi

    I have been reading two weeks in the super fast lane and am really keen to try it I just have a couple of things to check out.
    I have the fruit part all sorted but can I have veg with my meals (mince and mash for example)?
    Also I have type one diabetes and wonder if there is anything different I should do or eat because of that?


  30. Hi Shelley. That’s fine – include the starchy carbohydrates with your evening meal. Some days you may need them, others not, just go with how hungry you are after your work out.

  31. I am looking to start your diet but I will go to the gym between afternoon snack and evening meal. Do I include the carbohydrates in evening meal or is that only if u exercise after evening meal?

  32. Hi Fiona, Just read about the diet as I want to shed off few pounds for my birthday! Will let you know about my progress after my first week! My first day today!

  33. Fiona, well into the the 2 week in the fast diet, almost done 1 week and seeing a major change. I live in Manila and was wondering, I cannot drink black coffee but have been getting major headaches as I do enjoy a couple of coffees…I have it with the slightest splash of milk and coconut sugar, what are your views on coconut sugar? Perhaps too your views on coconut water, fresh from the coconut. Thanks a million!

  34. Hi Lynne. You can download Kindle for Windows or Kindle for Mac to your computer for free and read the eBook on that. Hope this helps.

  35. How do you get 2 weeks in the super fast lane if you don’t have a Kindle please?

  36. Aw thanks! All my own work (well almost). It’s a WordPress template but gradually I am getting the hang of the technical stuff through trial and error. Writing books is definitely easier!

  37. I’m truly enjoying the design and layout of your site.
    It’s a very easy on the eyes which makes it much more pleasant for me to come
    here and visit more often. Did you hire out a developer to create your theme?
    Superb work!

  38. When you have a craving for sweet stuff, it means your body is sending a signal to your brain that you need more sugar. That signal is often triggered by a deficiency of the mineral, chromium which helps balance blood sugar levels. Many people find it really helps to take a supplement daily. Biocare do an excellent product called SucroGuard which also has good levels of the B vitamins and magnesium which promote improved blood sugar management. It is available through their website, http://www.biocare.co.uk and also through Amazon. If you decide to give it a try, follow the dosage instructions daily. Another option is to have a spoonful of honey when cravings invade – it is really sweet so a little goes a long ways, unlike chocolate! Hope this helps…

  39. I’ve yo yo dieted for 20 years & I am fed up of it! For the past 3 days I’ve stuck rigidly to “The Fast Track” diet. It was working great & I was convinced I had actually found something that I could incorporate into my daily life. By grazing – eating fruit, soup, protein & snacks throughout the day I managed to stay level & didn’t crave sugar in the afternoon.
    Tonight I tried one chocolate. Then a total roller coaster ride … at least 30 chocolates.
    I am like a person on drugs – I cannot be trusted to have even one. I wouldn’t normally have them in the house but they are gifts for Christmas .. but ended up in my mouth.
    Can I get past this massive blip?

  40. Thank you so much for the reply! Looking forward to starting this way of eating – its going to be a breath of fresh air!

  41. Hi Ruth. You don’t need to be too precise – a generous handful (max 2 if you are fairly peckish) of nuts or a nut/seed mix is a good guide. Good luck!

  42. Hi – Id like to know how many nuts for a snack? You say a small bag, but I just want to check as have just bought your book and want to give it a go!

  43. I’m very interested in learning how to lose all my extra baby weight I have tried everything and no luck I to love soup and what better way to do eat having something I love looking fowerd to learn more thank you

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